Issues loading Excel files from Google Drive


Users facing issues loading Excel files from Google Drive that were previously working fine


Hey team,
Anybody running into issues loading in Excel files stored in Google Drive? I had a job working completely fine that has been continuously failing since yesterday

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Can you share the error logs and what version of connector you’re using?

Hi Marcos!
Thank you for reaching out, I’ve got an email thread going with support. Just in case, we’re using version v0.3.17 of the certified File connector.
We have gotten a few different errors:
• Cannot invoke “io.airbyte.config.StandardCheckConnectionOutput.getStatus()” because the return value of “io.airbyte.config.ConnectorJobOutput.getCheckConnection()” is null
• Excel file format cannot be determined, you must specify an engine manually.

Hey William, I had this yesterday and it got solved by itself a few hours later

Link to my post:

Thank you for the input!