Error code 500 on publish logs in helm deployment - minio wrong credentials with default values.yaml

  • Is this your first time deploying Airbyte?: No
  • OS Version / Instance: MacOS
  • Memory / Disk: 16Gb / 1 Tb
  • Deployment: Kubernetes
  • Airbyte Version: What version are you using now? v0.39.14-alpha
  • Source name/version: all
  • Destination name/version: all
  • Step: The issue is happening whenever logs are trying to be pushed to minio (e.g. Check destination, check source, …)
  • Description:
    Default helm deployment is not setting Minio root user credentials.
    My assumption is this happened due to Helm chart dependencies fix by spezam · Pull Request #13432 · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub .
    Looking at Minio pod it generated its own “admin” credentials and not “minio” as provided by Airbyte with an auto generated password.

Any idea for a resolution?
Thank you!

Yoav if you change the modification to minio in those files are you able to spin up the deploy?

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