Error connecting to local Postgres instance as destination in Airbyte Docker container

Hi Hassaan, Based on the information provided, it seems like you’re having trouble connecting to your local Postgres instance via Airbyte. Here are a few suggestions that might help: 1. Check your Postgres instance: Ensure that your Postgres instance is running and accepting connections on localhost:5432. You can verify this by connecting to it using a Postgres client or command-line tool. 2. Check your Google Cloud SQL Proxy: If you’re using Google Cloud SQL Proxy, make sure it’s running correctly and forwarding connections to your Postgres instance. You mentioned that you’ve tried running it on a different port than 5432, but the issue persists. It might be worth checking the proxy’s logs for any error messages. 3. Check your Airbyte configuration: In your .env file, make sure you’ve correctly set the DATABASE_USER, DATABASE_PASSWORD, DATABASE_HOST, DATABASE_PORT, and DATABASE_DB variables. If you’re using localhost to refer to the host machine from within a Docker container, you might need to use host.docker.internal instead, as suggested in this forum post. 4. Check your network settings: If Airbyte and your Postgres instance are running in different Docker networks, they might not be able to communicate with each other. You can try running them in the same network or configuring Docker to allow connections between networks. 5. Check Airbyte’s logs: If none of the above suggestions work, you can check Airbyte’s logs for more detailed error messages. This might give you more clues about what’s going wrong. If you’re still having trouble after trying these suggestions, you might find it helpful to consult the Airbyte documentation or ask for help on the Airbyte forum. Best,|