Error creating connection with MySQL source in Airbyte UI


When creating a connection with a MySQL source in Airbyte UI, the call fails with a ‘Server temporarily unavailable’ error. The API call includes a property to disable cache, which seems to affect the performance. How can the UI be configured to work properly?


I have created a MySQL source and when I try through the UI to create a new connection the call fails with error:
Server temporarily unavailable (http.502.kpzwCsav9LtgCb5G5t4fmN)
When I check the API call I see in the call body has a property to disable cache:
"sourceId": "4f009a39-02eb-4ebb-a765-83e10086890f",
"disable_cache": *true*

When I am running the same call from postman with disable_cache = false, the call runs in a sub second
How can I make the UI work?

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