Error creating destination table on SQL Server during data sync


During a CDC sync between Postgresql and SQL Server, Airbyte is failing to create the destination table on SQL Server due to an error related to an invalid date-time format in one of the columns.


Hi All,
I’m try running a cdc between Postgresql and a SQL Server.
Create the connectors, choose the tables and start the sync.
The Airbyte take a while, read the data on PG, create a schema on SQL, create a internal table on SQL with a json with the Data.
But don’t create the destination table on SQL, I monitoring the connection on SQL and he even try create the table.
At the Airbyte logs I identified a message about a error in one column, the error on platform is 2018-11-23T13:39:52 is a invalid date-time.
But the column on PG is a timestamp without a time zone and on PG I don’t have this T on the column data.

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