Error with SQL Server to Postgres CDC sync


Pipeline is failing with multiple sync issues when syncing data from SQL Server to Postgres using CDC for update method. Error message indicates a ClassCastException for Long to Timestamp. Issue occurs for specific tables. Need help identifying the problematic tables and resolving the sync failures.


Hi All,

My source is sql server and destination is postgres and using CDC for update method from source but my airbyte pipeline is failing and has multiple sync issues

Getting error like Caused by: io.debezium.DebeziumException: java.lang.ClassCastException: class java.lang.Long cannot be cast to class java.sql.Timestamp (java.lang.Long is in module java.base of loader 'bootstrap'; java.sql.Timestamp is in module java.sql of loader 'platform') , the source table is fine and checked all the fields. But if copy the data to another table and sync the pipeline is running fine with the error msgs in the log I’m not able to find the issue why its failing and happens for few tables and not all. Is there any known issue in sql server connection/source. This has been a major blocker for us to identify which table is causing the failure and how do we sync these tables to destination

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