Error creating Source/Destination from API in Airbyte OSS


Unable to create Source/Destination from API in Airbyte OSS due to ‘resource-not-found’ error with workspaceId. Code snippet provided.


This should be quick for u guys,
I am able to create connection from API in OSS, but unable to create Source/Destination since i get this error
type: '<>',
title: 'resource-not-found',
status: 400,
detail: 'Could not find a resource for: 85e01865-2896-4202-976c-be20da710ba1'
I’ve double checked the workspaceId.
Here’s my short code
const options = {
method: "POST",
headers: {
accept: "application/json",
"content-type": "application/json",
Authorization: Basic YWlyYnl0ZTpwYXNzd29yZA==,
body: JSON.stringify({
configuration: {
sourceType: "zoho-crm",
dc_region: "IN",
environment: "Sandbox",
edition: "Free",
client_id: "1000.X92Q7VXZP5S71WB6S1BS1GE2TFVBUG",
client_secret: "f57c04faca6409f4de51a8ec8740c65d3929c3bafc",
name: "punt-s1",
workspaceId: "85e01865-2896-4202-976c-be20da710ba1",
definitionId: "2ca92311-799b-48a8-83a8-910afbcdff21",
fetch("<>", options)
.then((response) =&gt; response.json())
.then((response) =&gt; console.log(response))
.catch((err) =&gt; console.error(err))

Stuck on this since hours, any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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