Error creating workspace


User is encountering an error while trying to create a workspace and is seeking assistance on how to resolve it.


anyone else get this error? how do I create a workspace

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I just signed up for context

I didn’t see this before, can you check the network tab to identify the API response?

Its my fault I didn’t even setup the API, looking for the User Interface version for our ELT needs. Assuming this is why I am getting this error

Is this Airbyte Cloud or are you running Airbyte self-hosted?

If this is cloud, we are working on getting a status page up. It looks like this is indeed not functioning as expected.

Thanks for reporting the probem <@U05UGJMCPD0>! :medal:

Yes, this should be cloud

Thanks!| would be the best place to watch for updates.

Sorry you ran into this trying to get things running.

<@U05UGJMCPD0> we have a fix deployed to Cloud, can you try again and let me know how it goes? We verified that new signups should now work correctly, but I want to make sure that your user account isn’t in a weird half-working state

<@U05UGJMCPD0> we suspect the workspaces you tried to create while the bug was deployed won’t properly receive their trial credits. We’re going to clear out the workspaces that you tried to create while that bug was active, so that when you create a new fresh workspace, it’ll get set up with trial credits properly

Alright Jeff, I deleted those problematic workspaces, you should be good to try again

let me know when you’re in and I’ll make sure I see trial credits on our end so you can actually run syncs!

Awesome, and I see the credits on your new workspace. Should be good to go, but if you run into any issues, please reach out! Thanks again for reporting this and sorry for the inconvenience!

All good, appreciate the response