Error deploying Airbyte on GKE with Google Cloud storage


The user is facing an error when deploying Airbyte on GKE with Google Cloud storage. The error is related to incompatible types for comparison in the helm chart template. Additionally, the user had to add credentialsJson for S3 configuration even though the documentation did not mention it.



I am following the following|guide to deploy aibyte in kubernetes using Google cloud and GKE with the latest version of airbyte

I have added the following in my values.yaml :

    type: gcs
    storageSecretName: gcp-cred-secrets
      log: airbyte-storage
      state: airbyte-storage
      workloadOutput: airbyte-storage
      authenticationType: "credentials"
      projectId: project-id
      credentialsPath: /secrets/gcs-log-creds/gcp.json

    type: googleSecretManager
    storageSecretName: project-id
      authenticationType: "credentials"
      projectId: civic-indexer-387018
      credentialsSecretKey: gcp-creds.json```
As the guide is suggesting.

When I try to install the helm chart I get this error:

```executing "airbyte/charts/worker/templates/deployment.yaml" at <eq (((( "credentials">: error calling eq: incompatible types for comparison```
Why I am getting this error if I am trying to use the storage for google cloud?

In order to test if it was an error in the if statements of the helm template, I added the S3 configuration.

When I did I was getting an error saying that `credentialsJson`  needs to be added in the `values.yaml`  .

The airbyte documentation is not mentioning that this  `credentialsJson`  needs to be added, I did and the deployment was successful.

When  I checked the logs, I saw that was the S3 configuration that was being used instead of the `gsc`  connfiguration ( remember that I was forced to add the s3 configurartion, even the storage type is gcs)

Could someone that has deployed airbyte to GKE with the new break update share the configuration or let me know what is going on?



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