Error upgrading Airbyte in Kubernetes via Helm


Error encountered when upgrading Airbyte in Kubernetes via Helm due to incompatible types for comparison in deployment template


Hey all, I’m hitting an error when upgrading airbyte in kubernetes via helm. I am currently on helm chart version 0.49.5 and want to upgrade to the latest. When running the upgrade command, I get the following error:
Error: UPGRADE FAILED: template: airbyte/charts/worker/templates/deployment.yaml:326:15: executing "airbyte/charts/worker/templates/deployment.yaml" at <eq (((( "credentials">: error calling eq: incompatible types for comparison
This struck me as odd since I don’t have a values file so I don’t know why it’s getting tripped up here. After some trial and error, I decided to march up the list of chart versions in the artifacthub and found that version 0.54.121 is the latest version I’m able to upgrade to. Anything after that throws the same error as above.

Has anyone seen this before?

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