Error : Pickling client objects is explicitly not supported


I am using an Open Source Airbyte Instance created and upheld by a different Team than the one I am on; this means I don’t know the specifics about how the instance is created or deployed.

They have already implemented a working Sync between Salesforce → Big Query.
I wanted to replicate that, just with my own Big Query instance at the end, putting in identical values wherever possible, except of course for the Destination.

But while the original Sync works, I get the error depicted in the Title everytime and I can’t figure out why that is, nor does the Team who implemented the Airbyte Instance (of course I’ve asked them first :slight_smile: ), so throwing my plea here is my last option for maybe figuring out what the problem is.

The Full Logs are here:
0d8eb8fd_536b_4efa_a117_8bcba37a34ef_logs_107_txt.txt (334.9 KB)

Thank you for reading,
I can’t really answer most of the Placeholders below, I simply don’t know

  • OS Version / Instance: MacOS
  • Airbyte Version: Cloud 0.40.18
  • Source name/version: Salesforce
  • Destination name/version: Big Query Präsentation
  • Step: This happens during sync. It attempts and fails 3 times.
  • Description: see above

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From logs:

2023-02-13 09:09:35 e[1;31mERRORe[m i.a.w.i.DefaultAirbyteStreamFactory(internalLog):116 - Exception attempting to access the Gcs bucketStack Trace: The specified key does not exist. (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 404; Error Code: NoSuchKey; Request ID: null; S3 Extended Request ID: null; Proxy: null), S3 Extended Request ID: null

Are you trying to use the Loading Method with GCS Buckets? If yes, can you try to use the standard insert?

Okay setting it to Insert did work, thank you :+1:
But I’m not clear on why, it should have just as well have worked with the buckets, since there already is a sync active using them which is working
It’s not that relevant however.