Error testing custom source: Airbyte temporarily unavailable


When testing a custom source in Airbyte, encountering ‘Airbyte is temporarily unavailable. Please try again. (HTTP 502)’ error. Source works with Postman using Page_Id and Access Token. Seeking assistance.


Hello there!

So I´m creating a new custom source but the moment I test it it gives me the following error: “Airbyte is temporarily unavailable. Please try again. (HTTP 502)”

I am not sure why it doesn´t work on Airbyte, I actually tried the Page_Id and Access Token on Postman and it worked so I´m kind of stuck right now, i would aprecciate any hint/help.

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Are you using Airbyte OSS (self-hosted)?
If so, search for HTTP_IDLE_TIMEOUT, READ_TIMEOUT environments variables in Slack. Also increase timeouts for any load balancer you have.