Trouble with Facebook Pages Source Connector - HTTP 502 Error


User is experiencing HTTP 502 error with Facebook Pages source connector despite previously successful setup


Hey anyone experiencing troubles with Facebook Pages (community) source connector? I keep getting this error: Airbyte is temporarily unavailable. Please try again. (HTTP 502). I’ve previously set up the connector successfully, so I’m not sure what might be going on

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Airbyte Cloud? Airbyte OSS?

<@U05JENRCF7C> Airbyte OSS. Deployed on a t2.xlarge in AWS EC2 with 500GB of storage

Docker deployment? Any load balancer, nginx proxy in front of it?
Have you measured duration between clicking and seeing this error?
Have you checked logs?

I experienced some 502 errors because of timeouts in my Kubernetes setup, but I’m not sure if that’s your case and that’s why I’m asking so many questions.