Error when creating Google Analytics source with Octavia


The user is encountering an error when creating a Google Analytics source using Octavia in Airbyte. The issue seems to be with the custom_reports field being resolved as a string instead of an array.


Hello guys! I’m trying to create a new Google Analytics source using Octavia, but I get an error message. My configuration file is this:

definition_type: source
definition_id: 3cc2eafd-84aa-4dca-93af-322d9dfeec1a
definition_image: airbyte/source-google-analytics-data-api
definition_version: 2.4.1
    auth_type: Service
    credentials_json: '${credentials_json}'
  - ${property_id}
  window_in_days: 1
  custom_reports_array: ${custom_reports}```
I'm passing a bunch of environment variables, and all seem to work except for the `custom_reports`, which is stored as an array but gets resolved as a string.

This is the top of the error message:

`Error: {"message":"The provided configuration does not fulfill the specification. Errors: json schema validation failed when comparing the data to the json schema. \nErrors: $.custom_reports_array: string found, array expected`

BTW, I've got the latest Airbyte version, I just installed it.

Thanks a lot!



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