Error when using Airbyte API to check job status after upgrading to 0.63.3


After upgrading Airbyte to version 0.63.3, encountering a 500 error when trying to check job status using the API endpoints for specific job IDs or statuses. The general /v1/jobs endpoint works fine.


Hi everyone,
I upgrade Airbyte from 0.58.0 to 0.63.3, and I’m using the API to check the status of the jobs, but now i get an error :
:heavy_check_mark: when i do : http://localhost:8006/v1/jobs works fine
:x: when i do http://localhost:8006/v1/jobs/{jobId} or http://localhost:8006/v1/jobs?status=succeeded I get

    "type": "about:blank",
    "status": 500
I follow this documentation <|Airbyte API>. And it works with 0.58.0
Can you please help me ?



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Can you try
or whatever port number your airbyte-server is running?

There was a post about Standalone Airbyte API server deprecation
At this moment, doc is not available to read details.

thank you so much, it works :+1::pray:

It looks like they renamed that page; if anyone else is looking for this, here’s the new URL:

thanks <@U035912NS77> for providing new link