Error with Record Selector in Low-Code Connector


The user is facing an error when attempting to iterate over an array of integers using a Record Selector in the low-code connector. They are seeking advice on the correct solution for this issue.


Hi! I’m working with the low-code connector and am consuming a stream where the record is just an array of ints e.g. [1,2,3,4] . The suggestion of a record selector like below, throw’s an error attempting to iterate over an int.

      type: DpathExtractor
      field_path: []```
Does anyone know what the right solution is for this? I know I can always break out into python and a custom selector but feels like i'm missing something. Thanks!



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DpathExtractor works for json array responses. For array only you need to build a custom extractor.

Ok, thanks for the confirmation!

<@U02T7NVJ6A3> I think we’ve seen that one a few times. :eyes:

Do you think it’s a difficult change to provide an extractor that would work for cases like this? Thinking if I should hack on it.