Trouble accessing API with low-code connector for JSON response


The user is facing issues accessing an API that returns a JSON array of strings using a low-code connector. They are encountering errors like ‘TypeError: string indices must be integers’. They are seeking advice on resolving this problem or if it is not feasible with the low-code approach.


Using the low-code connector we are trying to access an API that just return [“string1”, “string2”, …etc as JSON so there are no objects. It seems that the low code connector can not handle this we have tried * for the record selector and other means but we either get no records or an error TypeError: string indices must be integers . Any thoughts on what the issue might be or if this is not possible using low code?

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Hmm, I don’t know enough to give you a confident answer yet. The information extracts provided do not contain specific details about handling APIs that return a JSON array of strings using the low-code connector. However, it’s worth noting that the low-code connector is designed to handle APIs that return data in JSON format, and it should be able to handle different types of JSON structures. The error message you’re seeing typically occurs when you’re trying to index a string as if it were an array or object, which suggests there might be an issue with how the data is being processed. I would recommend checking the configuration of your connector and the structure of the data returned by the API. You might also find it helpful to refer to the Airbyte documentation or seek advice from the Airbyte community for more specific guidance.