Error with User Defined Cursor option in Postgres connector for CockroachDB source to BigQuery destination


When setting up a connector from a CockroachDB source to a BigQuery destination using the User Defined Cursor option in the Postgres connector, the user is encountering an error related to txid_snapshot_xmin() despite switching to the cursor option. They are unsure if this behavior is expected.


hi, i am trying to set up a connector using a postgres source and a bigquery destination. the underlying source DB is cockroachDB, which should be compatible with postgres. both source and query tests are passing.

i’d initially set up the postgres source using the xmin option, but i was getting an error that txid_snapshot_xmin(): function undefined. i switched to the Scan Changes with User Defined Cursor option instead and created a new connection that specified the right cursor columns to use (mostly updated_at).

when i test the connection, i get the same txid_snapshot_xmin() error above, which doesn’t seem right since i’m using the cursor option now.

is this expected? does the User Defined Cursor option still use the xmin function above?

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here’s the log for the latest run: