Extracting specific fields from a nested JSON response for a connector


When building a connector, the user wants to extract specific fields (status and type) from a nested JSON response and put them in separate columns. They are facing issues with the transformation step affecting the extraction process.


Hi everybody, I’m trying to build a connector, one of the fields (status) in the response is a list of fields from which I want to extract 2 fields (including status & type) to bring it in my table.
→ In the example below, I would like to extract the status & the type from the status container

  "status": 200,
  "body": {
    "tasks": [
        "id": "86by328yq",
        "custom_id": null,
        "custom_item_id": 0,
        "name": "Ou avoir un filtre dans la recherche avancé",
        "text_content": "",
        "description": "",
        "status": {
          "status": "to do",
          "color": "#87909e",
          "type": "open",
          "orderindex": 0```
Is there a way for the transformation step to extract 2 fields and put them in 2 different columns ?
It looks like the 1st transfo is avoiding the 2nd one to work properly, and the original response have disappeared



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