Filtering data on extract from an SQL source

Hi, I am looking for an option to filter data when extracting from an sql source, i.e. set a start time. In this case MSSQL and OracleDB sources, but for others I will require the same option soon as well. Is this available?

I would like to filter the amount of data extracted from source, based on a time column (e.g. cursor field with lookback), or a where clause. Currently I am unable to retrieve only data from lets say the last 3 months only. I have to sync all data and remove the old data afterwards which seems impractical.

To me, filtering data on the source seems like an option that is usefull for any sql source. To get more freedom in building your own post-processing scripts at destination and e.g. find what is deleted over the last 3 months (even without CDC).

Hope to hear your thoughts!

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