GA4 Custom Report - Not Valid JSON - Error 313 in logs

First time using Airbyte Open Source.

I was able to get a test custom report to run successfully with the following code:

[{“name”: “ga_custom_test”, “dimensions”: ["date”], “metrics”: [“totalUsers”]}]

Now I am trying to expand to bring in additional dimensions and metrics using this code:

[{“name”: “Test-GA”, “dimensions”: [“date”, “pageTitle”, “fullPageUrl”, “country”, “region”, “city”, “deviceCategory”, “language”, “operatingSystem”, “platform”, “sessionCampaignId”, “sessionMedium”, “sessionSource”, “userAgeBracket”, “userGender”], “metrics”: [“screenPageViews”, “totalUsers”, “newUsers”, “sessions”, “conversions”]}]

I am getting an error msg “Configuration check failed
‘custom_reports is not valid JSON’”

In the logs there is an error line with an error code of 313.

What am I missing?


check_connection_source-failure-9c840b11-57fe-47e3-94d7-98f7c207ddd6.txt (3.8 KB)

Upon further trial and error this looks to not be an issue with the “code” itself but a combination of a limitation on the number of nested values I can pass along with some incompatibility between dimensions and metrics on the GA side. So not really a code issue per say but I will likely need to break up my single report into multiple.

Let me know if you see anything else here. Would be nice to have a more self-explanatory error message than just a code error. Note, I’ve had to go and add the desired dimensions one by one to trigger the true errors.