Gamification According To Digital Dictionary

The Digital Transformation has had an impact on all company processes and functions, starting from sales which, despite the changes of course deriving from the use of the internet and social media, continue to play a fundamental role in guiding the consumer, always more autonomous and informed, in the phases that characterize the Buyer’s Journey .

Faced with potential customers who are increasingly informed and aware of the range of alternatives available on the market, commercial figures must also take into account ever-increasing needs and expectations that need to be satisfied at any time. And it is precisely here that it makes sense to talk about Digital Selling : digital channels allow company sales figures to access valuable information about their target, consequently facilitating the activity of identifying needs and allowing them to reach them in their respective exploration processes and evaluation.

All of this opens the mobile number list door to Sales Transformation . In this article we will talk about: Digital Selling: the main differences from Social Selling Digital Selling in the B2B and B2C sector How to define a Digital Selling strategy Digital Selling: some industry best practices Platforms for Digital Selling: Hubspot and LinkedIn Download our free Social Selling themed research and discover the results of our analyses! sales-transformation-social-selling 1. Digital Selling: the main differences from Social Selling Are digital selling and social selling two different ways of saying the same thing? The answer is no.