Getting a Google Ads API token is difficult


Getting a token for the Google Ads API is a pain. The process is partially described here : Google Ads | Airbyte Documentation but not entirely (there is some code to write, not described in the Airbyte doc, to generate a Refresh token).

Anyway, I had it working. But only for 7 days. After 7 days the refresh token expires because it’s only a test token. And in order to get a production token, the process to go through is more complex. You actually need to provide a Youtube link to show a video of what you want to do…

Has anyone done this ? Is there a simpler method ? It seems awfully difficult for a quite simple requirement (getting our ads cost in our datawrehouse)

Hey! These are Goole API specific restrictions I’m afraid we can not circumvent the policy described here, but I’d be curious to get insights from the community about the overall process speed.

For those like me who wants to transfer Google Ads data to BigQuery it’s just simpler to use the native Data Transfer functionality from BigQuery (available on the left panel of the BQ console)

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