Guidance / update on MySQL source connector issues

Dear Airbyte team,

as the troubleshooting slack channel is deprecated, I’m asking here for guidance on how to best utilize Airbyte for a MySQL to Redshift data pipeline.

In our setup the two issues

continue to be blockers for us, while there hasn’t been a status update on those issues for over 2 months.

In case the MySQL source connector is not a core priority for Airbyte, can you recommend a work-around, e.g. reverting to a tool other than Airbyte for those tables only or setting up an alternative view for any source table with those features (with standard text instead of JSON and without binary charset)?

Thank you for your help on this!

Hello @hellmund,
Improvements on our database connector are one of our connector team’s priorities for this quarter.
In the meantime, if you have control over the source database I would suggest you indeed create views on these tables and change the problematic types as you suggested.