Handling special characters in API endpoint URL for custom connector in Airbyte


When working on a custom connector to a Business Central API endpoint that contains special characters like ( and ), Airbyte encodes these characters which can lead to a 404 Bad URL response. The user is seeking guidance on how to set the base URL in the Airbyte UI.


Hi, I’m working on a custom connector to my Business Central API endpoint. However the endpoint contains the symbols ( ) and airbyte seems to encode this. It leads to a response 404 Bad url. Here is my base api url : <http://api.businesscentral.dynamics.com/v2.0/d87c1c6c-3fcd-4523-841b-82d0e122c000/environement/api/company/group_company/v1.0/companies(company_id)/|api.businesscentral.dynamics.com/v2.0/d87c1c6c-3fcd-4523-841b-82d0e122c000/environement/api/company/group_company/v1.0/companies(company_id)/>

How should I set the base url in the UI airbyte ?

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In the Airbyte UI, you can set the base URL for your custom connector in the global configuration page. Here’s how you can do it: 1. Navigate to the “global configuration” page. 2. Set the base URL to your API endpoint. In your case, it would be <http://api.businesscentral.dynamics.com/v2.0/d87c1c6c-3fcd-4523-841b-82d0e122c000/environement/api/company/group_company/v1.0/companies(company_id)/>. Please note that the actual API Key you copied from your API provider will not be part of the connector itself - instead it will be set as part of the source configuration when configuring a connection based on your connector in a later step. For more information about setting up the global configuration, you can refer to the Airbyte documentation. However, if the URL encoding of special characters like ( and ) is causing issues, this might be a limitation or issue with the way Airbyte handles these characters in URLs. If this is the case, I would recommend reaching out to the Airbyte support or community for further assistance.

<@U04SE163WC8> Could u provide me the email address to reach out this issue ?

If you have discovered a security vulnerability in Airbyte, you can reach out to the team by sending an email to security@airbyte.io. Please describe the issue and provide a way to reproduce it in your message. The security team will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that this email address should only be used for reporting undisclosed vulnerabilities. For general questions or discussions about fixed issues, you can use the Airbyte Discourse forum or Community Slack. Source: Airbyte Security Documentation

<@U04SE163WC8> not a security issue but a custom connection creation issue

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If you’re facing issues with creating a custom connection, you can seek help in several ways: 1. Airbyte Documentation: You can refer to the Airbyte Documentation for guidance on creating custom connectors. It provides instructions on how to code new sources and destinations. 2. Airbyte Forum: You can post your issue on the Airbyte Forum. Make sure to provide as much detail as possible about the issue you’re facing. 3. Airbyte Cloud Support: If you’re using Airbyte Cloud, you can open a support ticket within the Airbyte Cloud platform by selecting the “Support” icon in the lower left navigation bar. Alternatively, you can submit a ticket through the Airbyte Help Center by completing an Airbyte Cloud Support Request. 4. Airbyte Community Slack: You can also reach out to the Airbyte community on Slack for help. Remember, if you’re planning to contribute a new connector to the Airbyte codebase, please check the contributing guide and follow the steps outlined in the Submit a New Connector section. Sources: - Custom or New Connector - Getting Support - Submit a New Connector

What leads you to believe that Airbyte is encoding those characters? Could you provide the full error you are seeing?