Harvest "started_time" being incorectly cast as datetime field

I am using Harvest to Postgres connection. The sync fails when trying to normalize json from the harvest time entries api to postgres table. The field started_time is being cast as a datetime field, but the values from harvest are strings. When loading data like ““started_time””: ““10:41am””, the log has the following error: “invalid input syntax for type timestamp with time zone: “10:41am””

Any ideas?

Hi @sreeling,
This is indeed a bug on the Harvest connector. I think the started_time is defined as a date-time format but the time returned by the source API is not an ISO formatted time expected by the normalization. Could you please open an issue on our repo with the area/connectors and connectors/source/harvest labels?

@alafanechere Thanks for the confirmation. I opened an issue, but couldn’t add those tags. Harvest “started_time” being incorrectly cast as datetime field · Issue #11980 · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub

I’m marking this as solved as the issue is opened and properly labelled. Please subscribe to the issue to receive update when someone will start working on this.