How to use airbyte/base-normalization in local setup


The user is trying to use the airbyte/base-normalization image in their local setup but facing issues. They have provided a list of available images with their tags, image IDs, and sizes.


Hi, i have following images

airbyte/base-normalization                                           dev       d71f8199a32b   21 hours ago    758MB
airbyte/normalization                                                dev       10c1fa8e3efd   22 hours ago    758MB
airbyte/normalization-tidb                                           dev       e64bcead3325   22 hours ago    877MB
airbyte/normalization-snowflake                                      dev       08343ad377a9   22 hours ago    746MB
airbyte/normalization-redshift                                       dev       6e70d9131135   22 hours ago    746MB
airbyte/normalization-oracle                                         dev       61d5840d2ab3   22 hours ago    1.14GB
airbyte/normalization-mysql                                          dev       b3211a958e47   22 hours ago    867MB
airbyte/normalization-mssql                                          dev       9554b8c9a4bb   22 hours ago    853MB
airbyte/normalization-duckdb                                         dev       ea9570d311c0   22 hours ago    834MB
airbyte/normalization-clickhouse                                     dev       3192e4e45d0e   22 hours ago    692MB
airbyte/destination-clickhouse                                       dev       98e729a04ba6   22 hours ago    1.01GB```
i want to use base-normalization how to use it. i am not able to use airbyte/base-normalization:dev in current local airbyte setup.



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