Integrating Quickbooks Community Connector with Airbyte for QBO Prod Application


The user is looking to integrate their QBO prod application (oAuth2) with Airbyte using the Quickbooks community connector. They have questions regarding connection persistence with refresh tokens and retrieving RealmID (CompanyId) without custom transformations.


Hi all :wave:,
I’m working with the <QuickBooks | Airbyte Documentation community connector> and am looking to integrate my QBO prod application (oAuth2) with Airbyte and have a few questions.

  1. Connection persistence - According to the QBO documentation, refresh tokens are updated every 24 hours, which requires reconfiguring the source with a fresh token upon every expiration. Is there a way around this within the UI (<Issues · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub old issue in github>), or does it require custom integration to maintain a persistent connection to my oauth app?
  2. RealmID (CompanyId) - Does anyone know of a good way to retrieve this from the available endpoints and append to all of the streams without using a custom transformation? If a custom transformation is the answer, what’s the best way to implement that since this connector cannot be uploaded as YAML into the low-code builder?
    Thanks in advance!

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