Integration for LinkedIn Pages - Metrics per Date Issue


User is facing an issue with the LinkedIn Pages integration where metrics per date are not showing up correctly. The user suspects it might be related to a note on the website regarding all-time statistics syncing only. They are looking for clarification on this.


Hi all,
Has anyone developed an integration for LinkedIn Pages?
For some reason, I’m not seeing the metrics per date; all the tables only show one record.
Is that relate to the note statement in the website?
“All streams only sync all-time statistics at this time. A start_date field will be added soon to pull data starting at a single point in time.”

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Yes, an integration for LinkedIn Pages has been developed. As per the documentation, this source is capable of syncing data from various streams such as Organization Lookup, Follower Statistics, Page Statistics, Share Statistics, Shares (Latest 50), Total Follower Count, and UGC Posts. However, currently, all streams only sync all-time statistics. This means that the data you see represents the cumulative data up to the point of the sync, rather than data for a specific date. The note you mentioned is indeed related to this behavior. A start_date field is planned to be added soon, which will allow pulling data starting at a single point in time. This feature, when available, should provide the ability to see metrics per date.

<@U04SE163WC8> when will you have the ability to see the LinkedIn pages metrics per date?

Hmm, I don’t know enough to give you a confident answer yet. The extracts provided do not contain specific information about when the ability to see metrics per date will be available in Airbyte. However, there is an open issue on Github about measuring and displaying throughput and integration metrics, which might include date-based metrics once implemented. You can follow the progress on this issue here.

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Based on the provided extracts, there is currently no specific timeline mentioned for when you will be able to see LinkedIn Pages metrics per date in Airbyte. However, it is mentioned in the LinkedIn Pages Sync Overview that a start_date field will be added soon to pull data starting at a single point in time. This suggests that date-specific metrics may be available in the future. Please keep an eye on the official Airbyte documentation for updates.

Yeah, looking at the source-linkedin-pages, it just grabs total counts. But the API does provide a way to fetch data per time period:

> • Time-bound page statistics: To retrieve time-bound page statistics, include the timeIntervals query parameter. The API returns aggregate page statistics within all of the days or months in between the selected date range based on the specified timeIntervals.timeGranularityType.;tabs=http

The API does not look way too complex — I think you could build it with Connector Builder in the meantime.

Thanks a lot. Do you have any tutorial to send me that can be close to this type of API?

This playlist is a good start|

Then it’s just reading api docs and declaring them in builder.

I’ll try that, thanks a lot

<@U04SE163WC8> i tried that and it’s working, but after I’m creating a connection i get the error:

Discovering schema failed
Config validation error: ‘10082456’ is not of type ‘number’

This number is my organization identifier. what should be the reason for that?
The source test was working and i even saw the json data.

As we’re migrating sources to low-code, I’ve added this to linking pages issue:

Apparently it worked after i changed the type of this user input to ‘enum’ with a “Allowed values”

Start date as an enum? I’m confused now. Anyway, we’re migrating LinkedIn pages to lowcode!

not start date, it was the organization id number, i had to give him a default number and looks like this is the only way.

I see that you have added <Share API (Legacy) - LinkedIn | Microsoft Learn (Latest 50)> and <UGC Post API (Legacy) - LinkedIn | Microsoft Learn Posts> but from some reason i dont see it under the source schema when im choosing the streams:

im using the latest version: 1.0.2 on Airbyte OSS. Any advise why i cant see it?

Not entirely sure what’s going on in 1.0.2, BUT there’s the 2.0 version of the connector coming — that should have a few new things.

Generally if you see that there is a new connnector image available, but your instance does not see that version yet — restart your Airbyte OSS, it fetches new registry on start AFAIK.

I’ll try restarting my instance and keep you posted if that helped.
Regarding the 2.0 version - i checked your GitHub link. Looks like you add the time bounded end points - that’s great, but why you didn’t add the page time bounded as well? there are 3 time bounded:
• Follower Statistics (appear in version 2)
• Share Statistics (appear in version 2)
• Page Statistics (not appear in version 2)
Can you please add page as well?
When can i use version 2?