Slack connector data sync issue with missing messages before specific timestamp


The user is facing an issue with the Slack connector where messages before a specific timestamp are missing after a data sync. They have set the starting date and lookback window but still encounter missing data without any error messages. They are seeking advice on how to fix this problem.


And one more question about Slack connector. Maybe the most important for us right now.

We tried syncing data from the date of our Slack creation (03.01.2018) in the connector we set starting date to 01.01.2017 and lookback window to 7 days. After sync finished we noticed that only messages send after 28.06.2020 are present and messages before that timestamp are missing. Sync finished successfully without any message indicating that some data are missing. Any ideas how to fix that problem?

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My team is starting to consider stoping using Airbyte. I will appreciate any help/feedback regarding my questions.

It’s hard to me to believe that Slack connector is so bad. It’s seems to me that we are doing something wrong. I would like to learn how we could improve our setup.

ping. we tried it again and again some messages are missing :frowning: