Invalid format: <timestamp> is malformed at... (v0.35.64-alpha)

Hi, I have just upgraded Airbyte from v0.26.1 to v0.35.64-alpha and a sync from Hubspot to BigQuery (denormalized destination) failed with this message:
Invalid format: "2020-04-27 08:18:38" is malformed at " 08:18:38". This did not happen before. I have also upgraded the source & destination to the latest version, so not sure what鈥檚 the source of the problem. Attached is a portion of the log for your reference

logs.txt (8.0 KB)

Can you update the schema of this connection, maybe after the updates there are some data type changes.

I have reset the sync but the problem persists. I suspect that this is a problem with BigQuery denormalized destination

Is it possible to you run the sync using the Bigquery with normalization to validate if works? Probably a field that is timestamp is trying to be cast to date.

I鈥檝e just checked, it works with normalization

There is a PR correcting the problem @hoanghapham 馃帀Destination-bigquery-denorm: fixed emittedAt timestamp by etsybaev 路 Pull Request #11978 路 airbytehq/airbyte 路 GitHub

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