Is it possible to continue a sync after failure of a stream?

I’m developing a connector for an ERP system with multiple streams. When there is a stream sync failure, is it possible to continue at the stream that failed during the 2nd sync attempt instead of starting all streams over again? Any input appreciated.

Yes if the stream comes from a Source API

Thank you for the quick reply. Is there any way to continue a sync operation consisting of multiple streams at the stream which had the failure (a connection timeout for example) instead of syncing all streams again. Example:

Begin sync containing streams A, B, and C. Stream A completes syncing. Stream B completes syncing. Stream C has a sync failure. Airbyte begins Attempt 2 and starts with Stream A again.

In the scenario above, is it possible to just start with stream C, as A and B already completed?

Thank you again.

This is a feature in progress. Probably will release in early July.

Is there anywhere to track this feature so I know when it is available? Thanks.