What happens if a sync fails?

You won’t lose data when a sync fails, however, no data will be added or updated in your destination.

Airbyte will automatically attempt to replicate data 3 times. You can see and export the logs for those attempts in the connection detail page. You can access this page through the Source or Destination detail page. Additionally, you can configure a Slack webhook to warn you when a sync fails.

In the future you will be able to configure other notification method (email, Sentry) and an option to create a GitHub issue with the logs. We’re still working on it, and the purpose would be to help the community and the Airbyte team to fix the issue as soon as possible, especially if it is a connector issue.

Until Airbyte has this system in place, here is what you can do:

  • File a GitHub issue: go here and file an issue with the detailed logs copied in the issue’s description. The team will be notified about your issue and will update it for any progress or comment on it.

  • Fix the issue yourself: Airbyte is open source so you don’t need to wait for anybody to fix your issue if it is important to you.

To do so, just fork the GitHub project and fix the piece of code that need fixing. If you’re okay with contributing your fix to the community, you can submit a pull request. We will review it ASAP.

  • Ask on Slack: don’t hesitate to ping the team on Slack.

Once all this is done, Airbyte resumes your sync from where it left off.

We truly appreciate any contribution you make to help the community. Airbyte will easily become the open-source standard with your participation!