Is it possible to fetch the sync history through Airbyte API?

As title, after checking the Airbyte API doc, it seems that it doesn’t provide the sync history API currently (Maybe it doesn’t present that obviously).

The related captured image is as follws:

Is possible to fetch the latest sync history via Airbyte API?

If possible, please present the example codes. Thanks for the help and I appreciate that.

Hey, you can use this API to fetch all the jobs ran for a specific connection

Hi @harshith, thanks for your reply. After checking the job API, I don’t find the configId field explanation in the request body schema:

configTypes*: [enum]
Allowed: check_connection_source┃check_connection_destination┃discover_schema┃get_spec┃sync┃reset_connection
configId*: string
pagination: {
pageSize: integer
rowOffset: integer

Could you provide which the API can get the configId? Thanks.

Hey configId is the connectionId