Unable to retrieve bytesSync from API response for a specific jobId


When querying the API with a specific jobId, the bytesSync information is missing from the response.


Hello all :wave: ,
Using the API on a specific jobId, I would like to get the bytesSync.
However, when I run the https://api.airbyte.com/v1/jobs/{jobId} endpoint, I don’t get the bytesSync:

  "jobId": XXXXXXX,
  "status": "succeeded",
  "jobType": "sync",
  "startTime": "2024-02-06T03:00:03Z",
  "connectionId": "55XXXXXXXXXXXXX",
  "lastUpdatedAt": "2024-02-06T03:08:15Z",
  "duration": "PT8M12S",
  "rowsSynced": 89472



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