Is there a way to know whether data has been read in source connector

Hi …Is there a way to know whether data has been read in the source connector.

Following is the read method of source-file connector:
def read(
self, logger: AirbyteLogger, config: Mapping, catalog: ConfiguredAirbyteCatalog, state_path: Mapping[str, any]
) → Generator[AirbyteMessage, None, None]:
“”“Returns a generator of the AirbyteMessages generated by reading the source with the given configuration, catalog, and state.”“”
client = self._get_client(config)
fields = self.selected_fields(catalog)
name = client.stream_name"Reading {name} ({client.reader.full_url})...")
        for row in
            record = AirbyteRecordMessage(stream=name, data=row, emitted_at=int( * 1000)
            yield AirbyteMessage(type=Type.RECORD, record=record)
    except Exception as err:
        reason = f"Failed to read data of {name} at {client.reader.full_url}: {repr(err)}\n{traceback.format_exc()}"
        raise err

Do we have any handler here which confirms that the data has been read successfully from the file?

Based on that I would like to have post read logic.
Please suggest.

Can you explain your use case? Are you only trying to print the number of records read?
Airbyte doesn’t print records for security reason.