Issue replicating PostgreSQL database to ClickHouse with Airbyte


When replicating a PostgreSQL database to ClickHouse using Airbyte, the table ‘clients’ from PostgreSQL is not properly replicated to ClickHouse. Instead, a new database ‘airbyte_internal’ is created with a table ‘public_raw___stream__clients’ containing different columns. Need help troubleshooting this issue.


Hey everyone, I am having an issue replicating a PostgreSQL database to ClickHouse using Airbyte. I have faced this issue when I am trying to replicate the table exactly as it exists on the source to the destination (CH). The connection settings are screenshotted and attached. My table on the postgresql db is called “clients” and it shows up properly on airbyte, but once the sync is completed instead of having a new database with the table “clients” on the ClickHouse side I have a new db called “airbyte_internal” with a table called “public_raw___stream__clients” with 4 columns:
• _airbyte_raw_id
• _airbyte_data
• _airbyte_extracted_at
• _airbyte_loaded_at
Anyone knows why this is happening?
Any help would be appreciated!

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