Issue using Search Source Endpoint with Airbyte API

Hello Guys,

We currently have an airbyte deployment running using docker-compose on Ubuntu. We have several sources created and utilize these sources to create various connections. One of the configuration properties of the connections is called “api_key” and there is a requirement to regularly update this API Key. We currently have the code implemented and working using the Airbyte API.

The logic is as follows, we run a search using the endpoint POST /v1/sources/search and specify the workspaceId and the connectionConfiguration {“api_key”: “old_api_key” } we then run an update command using the returned source ids to update the api_key of the connection configuration for each source.

The update command is working fine without any issues however, the search endpoint only returns the very first source that was created, any subsequent sources created are not returned when the search command is run.

Hey would suggest to create an issue in github. Temporarily you could use the get all sources API and try to match the sources as in the background we do the same

I changed the logic a little bit so that I don’t need to search for the source but instead use the sourceId directly. I will open an issue on github