Issue with Airbyte API selecting only one stream for replication


When using the Airbyte API to patch a connection for data replication between Postgres schemas with tables of the same name to MinIO, only one stream is selected even though both are chosen initially. This issue arises when trying to differentiate between streams with the same name via the API.


Hi my friends! I have a problem with airbyte API:

I am performing data integration between Postgres and MinIO.
In Postgres I have two schemas, “client_one” and “client_two”, so I am filtering them when creating the source. In both schemas I have the “customers” table.
When I create a connection to S3, through the Airbyte UI, both streams are displayed to select, so I select both.
However, when I need to patch the connection via the API, and I enter the name of the table, Airbyte selects only one of the streams for replication, this must be a BUG because they both have the same name and via the API I don’t have a way to differentiate them.
I’m running Airbyte 0.58.0 via Docker, on WSL 2.

Does anyone know if there is a solution?

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