Issue with creating multiple streams in Airbyte API


When creating a connection between a Postgres origin with two schemas and an S3 destination via the Airbyte API, only one stream is enabled even though there are two streams (one from each schema). User is looking for a solution to handle multiple streams in this scenario.


Hello community, how are you? I have a problem using the Airbyte API, I will detail it below:
1 - I am creating a Postgres origin, where I am filtering two schemas;
2 - I am creating a destination in S3;
3 - I am creating a connection between both.

All of this creation is being done through the API.

What happens is that the same stream exists in both schemas, and when I create it via the API, I only have the option of passing the stream name parameter. In this case, in Airbyte, only one stream is enabled, but there are two (one from each schema).

Any solution?


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