Issue with Airbyte setup fetching schema and crashing server


Issue with Airbyte setup where fetching schema crashes the server, affecting Facebook Marketing source to Redshift destination. Occurred with Bing Ads previously. Looking for resolution.


Hi everyone,
I’m facing an issue with my Airbyte setup:
Source: Facebook Marketing 3.1.0
Destination: Redshift (latest)
Airbyte version: 0.59.1
OS/Platform: Kubernetes AWS EKS
Each test connection for the source and destination is successful. However, when I try to connect the source to the destination, it attempts to fetch the schema and crashes with the error “Failed to fetch.” This crash also brings down the entire Airbyte server, making it inaccessible for a while.
This issue was previously happening with Bing Ads but has now started with Facebook Marketing. I couldn’t find any log information except through kubectl logs <process> or kubectl describe <pod>.
Does anyone know a resolution for this issue?

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any help in this regard, will be highly appreciated <@U02TQLBLDU4>

Are you monitoring the pod resources, maybe they’re hitting OOM

Thanks for replying <@U01MMSDJGC9>, While testing the connection it’s not failing. It fails when I try to connect the source with the destination. On top of that, I have 2 times t2.xlarge nods which is more than suitable for our work.

for monitoring specifically, do you have any documentation or references? my airbyte metrics reporter is running but there is no metric to report.
here is the documentation

Any help in this regard is much appreciated.