Issue with bootloader when deploying Airbyte on Google Compute Engine


Facing bootloader issue when deploying Airbyte on Google Compute Engine. Need steps to downgrade Airbyte to version 0.37.0-alpha before upgrading to 0.59.1. Question about the impact of upgrading/downgrading on existing connectors.


Hi all
I am facing issues with bootloader when I am trying to deploy airbyte on Google compute engine[service “bootloader” didn’t complete successfully: exit 255 ]
The docker compose logs suggest that we cant directly install airbyte version 0.59.1 we first need to downgrade to 0.37.0-alpha and then upgrade to 0.59.1
I am new to airbyte can someone provide me steps to downgrade airbyte to version 0.37.0-alpha. I am looking for what I need to edit in the below code
A very noon question but will upgrading/downgrading airbyte version affect any existing connectors ?

wget <>
chmod +x
./ -b```



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