Issue with custom source integration using Python CDK and Dockerfile


Custom source integration developed using Python CDK and packaged with Dockerfile is causing a timeout issue. Pod is created with the provided image but the main pod shows no logs and is terminated.


I have an issue, trying to add custom source developed using python CDK and packaged with recommended Dockerfile.

Request just throws timeout. I see pod created with image I provided (image pull successful) with name like “e-file-source-spec-”. Main pod doesn’t have any logs and its status is terminated.

Env: Airbyte helm chart airbyte-0.45.22 deployed in AWS EKS

COPY . ./airbyte/integration_code
RUN pip install ./airbyte/integration_code```
Any suggestion how to debug this?



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Thanks <@U05JENRCF7C>!

I see that there is no executable for any of these commands, I guess it’s because I’m building it with Dockerfile instead of airbyte-ci.

For now we want to use only Dockerfile, let me know if it’s possible to install it correctly using just Dockerfile

Roger that. I use Dockerfile in my project as well.

Just to be sure. Have you tried those docker run commands?

docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/secrets:/secrets airbyte/source-{{dashCase name}}:dev check --config /secrets/config.json
docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/secrets:/secrets airbyte/source-{{dashCase name}}:dev discover --config /secrets/config.json
docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/secrets:/secrets -v $(pwd)/integration_tests:/integration_tests airbyte/source-{{dashCase name}}:dev read --config /secrets/config.json --catalog /integration_tests/configured_catalog.json```
I think they should work with entrypoint. `spec`, `check`, `discover`, and `read` are passed as arguments