Issue with DATABASE_URL not persisting in configmap during Airbyte deployment on EKS using Helm chart


The user is facing an issue where DATABASE_URL is not persisting in the configmap airbyte-airbyte-env during Airbyte deployment on EKS using Helm chart. The value gets deleted every time helm upgrade is run in the airbyte-bootloader pod.


Hi everyone. I’m stumped on this one. I’m trying to deploy airbyte v0.60.0 on EKS using helm chart v0.83.0. The issue seems to be that DATABASE_URL is not in the configmap airbyte-airbyte-env, and I can’t seem to get DATABASE_URL to persist in a configmap. It always gets deleted every time I run helm upgrade, in the airbyte-bootloader pod. Anyone have pointers on this? The AI gave good info but said to bring it up with the slack community :smile:

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