Issue with initial sync on large connector for Postgres Destination V2


Facing statement timeout during normalization step for a large connector (50Go table) when migrating to Postgres Destination V2. Even after increasing timeout to 6 hours, still encountering failures. Replication set up with Incremental + Append mode. Normalization process should be a split of the _airbyte_data field, which normally takes less than 30 minutes when implemented manually.


Hello, I’m trying to migrate to Postgres Destination V2, but am facing issues with the initial sync on one large connector (50Go table) : the normalisation step fails with statement timeout. I’ve tried increasing it up to 6h but still get failures. We have set up the replication with Incremental + Append mode. This seems wrong to me that it takes so long as the normalization should simply be a split of the _airbyte_data field, which our database can absorb in <30min when implemented myself.

Anyone facing similar issues ? Thanks !

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