Issue with Iterable source connector for EU API


The user is experiencing an issue with the Iterable source connector not working for the EU API.


Hi there, it appears that the Iterable source connector works only for the us based api but not for the one based in the eu. Is that a known issue?

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`["iterable-source-connector", "eu-api", "known-issue"]`

Looks like they use a different base URL (<|> vs. <|>) which isn’t reflected in that code. So definitely something that needs to be addressed.

You could raise an <|issue in GitHub>, or better yet since they recently migrated this one to low-code, it should be fairly easy to add a user input config option yourself to make the endpoint configurable or switched based on data center selection (which is currently only US or EU) and contribute it back for the benefit of the community.

yes I tried to replace the url in the source-code connector already but doesn’t seem to work - how do I iterate on an existing low code connector in the interface?

There’s still some build process involved, but it’s covered here in general:

Builder produces low-code connectors, but handles the build part for you. If a low-code connector uses features that aren’t available in Builder though, you can’t edit it in the UI.

In the case of Iterable, it looks like they’re using several custom extractors to pull the appropriate data from the responses, so it won’t play nice in Builder if you import the manifest.

But if you look at readme below the file list in the source connector directory in GitHub, you’ll also see specific instructions for developing and publishing a new version of this connector:

right yes I think this needs an iteration on the existing source connector - which then can be published to a docker registry

Yep. I try to keep things Builder-compatible when possible, but I’ve found a lot of these email marketing sources make it a bit difficult to not use a custom extractor and break that compatibility.

But still, most folks find it a lot easier to work in low-code vs. the CDK, and I’ve found it much better for maintainability and consistency as well. Sometimes constraints are a blessing in disguise :upside_down_face:

yes quite, thanks for the feedback I had this experience as well working with salesforce marketing cloud has been challenging at times…

As a hack you could map (in /etc/hosts) the US one to the EU IP. Terrible solution but could be a short term solution until the code is updated to support EU.