Issue with JOB_DEFAULT_ENV_PREFIX feature after upgrading Airbyte via Helm Chart


Upgrading Airbyte via Helm Chart to version 0.50.51 breaks the JOB_DEFAULT_ENV_PREFIX feature, causing issues with mapping environment variables to jobs. User is specifically dependent on this feature for attaching PROXY environment variables.


Hey everyone :wave:
I’m upgrading Airbyte via Helm Chart from version 0.50.33 (Chart Version: 0.49.6) to 0.50.51 (Chart Version: 0.53.248)
Unfortunately this upgrade seems to break the JOB_DEFAULT_ENV_PREFIX feature that maps environment variables to the jobs, which I’m dependent on for attaching PROXY environment variables
Has anyone experienced this as well, and if so has managed to fix it?

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Looking into the code changes from both versions anything was changed to this variable <@U06JUET3B7Y>. Where did you define this in the Helm chart before? What errors are the worker is showing?

After some testing I confirmed the change that made the environment variables not pass <@U01MMSDJGC9>
After comparing Helm Charts and the deployments from Airbyte, there is a new flag enabled by default called CONTAINER_ORCHESTRATOR_ENABLED set to true in the values.yaml
It seems that this flag enabled uses a pod to launch the workloads, which ignores the JOB_DEFAULT_ENV variables you define.
Setting it to false fixed it.

Glad you found a workaround! There is a lot of work being done in the helm chart at the moment :slightly_smiling_face: