Node Selectors on Helm Chart Jobs not working + Auth problems

  • Is this your first time deploying Airbyte?: No
  • OS Version / Instance: Kubernetes
  • Deployment: Kubernetes
  • Airbyte Version: 0.44.4
  • Source name/version: N/A
  • Destination name/version: N/A
  • Description:

I’m currently deploying airbyte using the new helm chart and i’ve stepped on two problems that might be the same one:

  • Even when setting the environment variables for the user password and name (to change from the default), airbyte doesnt ask for authentication when opening its web interface - i’ve confirmed that all my pods have the correct environment variables here - ive used the extraEnv key on the chart to set it up.
  • Im trying to setup the jobs specifically to run on a different node pool than the rest of my infrastructure - therefore, after reading the docs and the example helm chart, I configured both the jobs.kube.nodeSelector and the environment variable JOB_KUBE_NODE_SELECTORS but it simply doesnt work and the jobs keep spawning at default pool.

Any ideas on what may be happening ? It seems to me that probably the handling of the env variables in the chart might be having some issues

My helm template is rendering correctly - specially the env configmap

I got it working! Basically, i was testing this using the check job for a specific source but the sync jobs were already working in the correct pool. I might issue a bug later but the fallback for the JOB_KUBE_NODE_SELECTORS env variable wasnt working for jobs that weren’t sync ones. To get it working, i had to declare all SPEC_JOB_KUBE_NODE_SELECTORS, C HECK_JOB_KUBE_NODE_SELECTORS and DISCOVER_JOB_KUBE_NODE_SELECTORS. The TOLERATIONS fallback was working properly though