Issue with source connectors missing after Airbyte restart on AWS EC2


Fresh installation of Airbyte on AWS EC2 leads to source connectors like Shopify going missing after restart or settings change. Error log shows ‘Could not find image’ for the missing connector. Workaround involves manually executing a docker pull command from SSH.


Hi everyone,
I am facing an issue with airbyte fresh installation on AWS EC2 - where my source connectors which initially work ( ex: shopify)
automatically go missing - after a restart/ any settings change . And i need to pull them back again.

here’s the error log i’m getting
2024-06-05 09:05:46 platform >
2024-06-05 09:05:46 platform > ----- START CHECK -----
2024-06-05 09:05:46 platform >
2024-06-05 09:05:46 platform > Checking if airbyte/source-shopify:2.1.4 exists…
2024-06-05 09:05:46 platform > airbyte/source-shopify:2.1.4 not found locally. Attempting to pull the image…
2024-06-05 09:05:46 platform > Image does not exist.
2024-06-05 09:05:46 platform > Unexpected error while checking connection:
io.airbyte.workers.exception.WorkerException: Could not find image: airbyte/source-shopify:2.1.4

as a workaround i always have to execute a docker pull command from ssh . can anyone please help!!! :slight_smile:

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