Error with Shopify connector in self-managed Airbyte on Azure VM


Error ‘could not find image: airbyte/source-shopify:2.0.8’ occurs after 12-24 hours in automated job. Manually syncing after restarting docker image resolves the issue. Need help identifying the root cause.


Hi I’m using Shopify connector in the self-managed version of Airbyte deployed on an azure VM.
Once in a while, usually after 12-24 hours, I will get a “could not find image: airbyte/source-shopify:2.0.8” error on an automated job.
I have setup 128gb memory on my vm. And if I down then up the docker image, and manually sync, it will be able to find the image and proceed with the sync.
Can’t figure out what the issue is. Any ideas?

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